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Advantages and characteristics of seamless stainless steel tubes
Author:   Release date:2016-07-15   5657Time reading

BSS introduces the advantages and characteristics of stainless steel seamless pipe:

1 .The sensitivity of the corresponding forces. Ferritic stainless steel has the brittleness at room temperature, the sensitivity of cold working stress is large, the stress of hot rolling is small, and the water can be quenched after rolling. Martensite stainless steel is more sensitive to crack, cooling after hot rolling is not too fast. Austenitic stainless steel is less sensitive to crack, and can be quenched in water after hot rolling.

2.Thermal conductivity. The low temperature thermal conductivity of the stainless steel is poor, and the linear expansion coefficient is larger than that of the carbon steel. In order to ensure the heating quality, low temperature (<800 degrees C) slow heating should be adopted.

3. Oxidation resistance. Due to the oxidation resistance of stainless steel, it is less to heat the generated oxide scale. However, iron oxide containing chromium, nickel oxide and very dense, Cold Pickling more difficult. Commonly used HF+HNO3 for pickling or acid pickling with alkali.

4. Ductility. It is not difficult for a single austenitic stainless steel to be perforated at high temperature, but the performance of the perforated steel is decreased when the double phase structure exists. Tube billet heating temperature is generally 1130 to 1160 degrees Celsius (central temperature), the furnace temperature should be less than 900 degrees Celsius, the final rolling temperature should be higher than the critical point transition temperature, low carbon is not less than 850 degrees, no more than 925. Martensitic stainless steel with the increase of carbon content, improve the strength and hardness of the steel ductility decreases, drawing should be as far as possible the use of lining mandrel drawing, after drawing for easy to burst.

5. Deformation resistance. Austenitic and martensitic stainless steel has a high degree of deformation resistance, hardening tendency, and high temperature recrystallization rate is slow, so the steel should pay special attention to the equipment and motor capacity. Low carbon stainless steel and ordinary carbon steel have the same deformation resistance.

6. Bond tendency. The surface quality of the steel pipe can be reduced when the ferrite, austenite, ferrite and austenitic stainless steel are rolled. Cast iron rollers for hot rolled products, such as sizing mill, can reduce the stick roll phenomenon. In addition, it is important to use the cooling water to cool the roller reasonably.

7. Spread. the spread (transverse deformation) larger, spread of martensitic stainless steel was 1.3 times of carbon steel; austenitic stainless steel was 1.35 ~ 1.5 times, ferrite stainless steel body for 1.55 ~ 1.6 times. So it should pay attention to the control of the transverse deformation, and should take a smaller degree of ellipse. In the tension reducing diameter (see pipe without tension reducing diameter) stainless steel pipe wall thickening larger while reducing the size of the groove ovality to take larger cold, hot-rolled steel pipe groove ovality to some big, and should take the small deformation, so as to avoid the subgroup.

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